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As a full-service provider in endoscopy, Richard Wolf offers a wide range of instrumentation and system solutions for minimally invasive medicine. Our products, many of which can be used across specialties, are developed in close collaboration with leading scientists and health professionals. The workmanship that goes into every Richard Wolf device provides the foundation for exceptional precision and longevity in the clinical setting, helping to preserve your investment and keep your cost of ownership down. Through tailored financing solutions, we give you the flexibility to focus on what matters most – your patients.

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We have been a global leader in minimally invasive medicine for more than 100 years. Richard Wolf’s trusted solutions are used for a wide range of surgical specialties and have helped pave the way for many groundbreaking clinical techniques. The products we bring to market are shaped by the latest research and trends, and ongoing collaboration with respected surgeons around the world. Crafted in Germany and the US, Richard Wolf technologies have long been recognized for their quality, precision, durability, and ergonomic, user-friendly design. Read on to learn more about our award-winning products and multidisciplinary system solutions.

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Surgical team

When it comes to our product portfolio, we place a high premium on versatility and ease-of-use. Richard Wolf devices are easy to assemble and disassemble, and in many cases feature adaptable designs to help streamline clinical workflows. From our modular laparoscopic instrument line to our intelligent OR integration system, Richard Wolf is redefining what it means for equipment to be user-friendly.

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Medical technicians

We take great pride in the quality and dependability of our products, but with some devices, periodic service may be needed. As such, we offer a comprehensive service framework designed to save you time and money while providing you with the highest quality repairs possible. Our technicians approach every repair with an attention to detail third-party service companies simply cannot match. A repaired device is shipped to a customer only after thorough testing has indicated it is ready for optimal performance. The Richard Wolf Service team is here to help you identify transparent, tailored service solutions that best fit your clinical and financial needs.
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IT personnel

We offer a full range of user-friendly system solutions for endoscopy. Looking to enter the integrated OR space? core nova, Richard Wolf’s fully network-based integrated OR platform, provides superior data security and can be seamlessly configured to a facility’s existing IT infrastructure. As always, our Customer Service team is here to assist you in any way we can.
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Designed to stand the test of time, our reusable devices are manufactured with materials that can handle repeated exposure to cleaning chemicals and sterilization processes. Many Richard Wolf instruments can be easily disassembled for quick and easy reprocessing. From cleaning brushes to instrument trays, we offer a full line of reprocessing solutions to help our partners ensure the highest level of patient safety. We also have a committed team of Clinical Specialists who provide education and Service Repair Specialists who give on-site support to sterile processing professionals around the country. Click below to learn more about our commitment to reprocessing excellence.

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Richard Wolf Medical Instruments Corporation, USA

As a global leader in minimally invasive surgery, Richard Wolf delivers solutions that enhance surgical results, reduce trauma, and pave the way for groundbreaking procedures.


Since 1906, we have been guided by a focused mission: improve patient outcomes through innovations in endoscopy.

From the earliest stages of R&D to the moment one of our instruments is shipped to a facility, we are driven by the spirit of excellence.




Richard Wolf has been one of the most trusted names in urology for more than a century. With a wide variety of office and OR solutions, our product line can be used for cystoscopy, resection, ureteroscopy, nephroscopy, and laser enuclea­tion. Our portfolio includes the market’s only dual-channel flexible ureteroscope, as well as a complete morcellation system for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Richard Wolf urological endoscopes provide exceptional visualization, irrigation, and durability.

General Surgery

Richard Wolf is proud to offer cutting-edge technologies for laparoscopy and minimally invasive colorectal surgery. We have always placed the highest premium on durability and versatility, and nowhere is this more evident than in our laparoscopic instrumentation. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of jaw patterns for standard and bariatric laparoscopy, as well as a full set of 3.5 mm instruments for mini-laparoscopy. When it comes to visualization, our ultra high-definition telescopes are exceptional.


From the office to the OR, our advanced, precision technologies are helping gynecologists achieve better patient outcomes. With a cutting-edge fluid management system, the market’s thinnest bipolar resectoscope, and a full line of instrumentation for standard and mini laparoscopy, Richard Wolf has established itself as a key player in gynecologic surgery. And, as more physicians continue to shift toward office-based procedures, we are equipped to meet their needs with our 3.8 mm Compact Hysteroscope, ENDOCAM® Flex HD Imaging System, and ENDOCAM® Logic 4K Camera System.

Pulmonology & Thoracic Surgery

Richard Wolf technologies have helped give rise to innovative therapies in upper respiratory endoscopy and thoracic surgery. We offer trusted solutions for operational laryngoscopy, central airway visualization, and the diagnosis of malignancies in the upper area of the mediastinum. Richard Wolf brought the first optically integrated rigid bronchoscope to the market and continues to offer a complete mini-thoracoscopy set.

Spine Surgery

Richard Wolf has been a pioneer in spine endoscopy since the mid-1990s when we unveiled the groundbreaking YESS® Spine Endoscopy System. In the years after, we developed the first formal techniques and complete instrument sets for central stenosis, dorsal ramus rhizotomy, anterior and posterior cervical decompression, and interlaminar lumbar decompression approach. We have helped establish these surgical methods through involvement and a prospective, randomized, controlled study, and have trained thousands of doctors through society partnerships and training programs at Richard Wolf Academy Prima Vista.

We are known in the field of spine endoscopy for the technical innovations we have brought to spine instrumentation, such as the advent of articulating instruments that increase working range. All Richard Wolf endoscopes feature brilliant optics and are fully compatible with our HD camera systems.

In 2016, RIWOspine—a division of Richard Wolf—was created to address the unique needs of endoscopic spine surgeons worldwide.



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