3.8 mm and 5 mm Compact Hysteroscopes

True, continuous flow for brilliant images.

Our compact, all-in-one hysteroscopes have separate inflow and outflow channels that provide continuous irrigation for optimal visibility, even when instruments are inserted in the working channel. The straight, 5 Fr. working channel allows you to use a broad range of instruments for expanded treatment options. With a slender outer diameter, the 3.8-mm Compact Hysteroscope is ideal for the highly atraumatic treatment of fertility and sterility patients.

Easy to use, our Compact Hysteroscopes give you brilliant, detailed images with a PANOVIEW PLUS telescope, featuring a 30° direction of view for the 3.8-mm model and a 20° direction of view for the 5-mm model. Durable, compact construction and optimized reprocessing help to increase the lifespan and sustain optimal image quality. The ergonomic handle allows easy handling of the endoscope.

Features at a glance

  • 3.8-mm Compact Hysteroscope is approximately 30% thinner than the 5-mm Compact Hysteroscope.
  • 3.8 mm outer diameter requires less dilation than conventional hysteroscopes.
  • Continuous irrigation with separate inflow and outflow channels for optimal visibility.
  • Rod lens optics system offers superior image quality.
  • Straight, 5 Fr. working channel accommodates a larger range of instruments.

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