ENDOCAM® Logic 4K Camera System

The ultimate standard in sharp imaging.

With four times the resolution of HD and the capability to reproduce more than one billion distinct colors, 4K technology is the future of endoscopic imaging. Fine details are sharper. Spatial depth is magnified. Colors are truer.

Built on the ENDOCAM Logic HD platform, the ENDOCAM Logic 4K system combines the versatility and user-friendly features of Richard Wolf’s previous-generation system with the stunning detail of 4K.



From endoscope to monitor, and everything in between, ENDOCAM Logic 4K achieves a continuous 4K imaging chain, each component playing a critical role in the generation or reproduction of a true 4K image. This system is also equipped with several special imaging modes (SIM)—intelligent processing algorithms that allow for easier tissue differentiation.



Trailer ENDOCAM Logic 4K

The turnkey system at a glance

The platform and its components

ENDOCAM Logic 4K in Action

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