System green

System green

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The newest member of the ENDOCAM® Logic family, System green, enables simultaneous real-time ICG/NIR fluorescence and standard white light imaging with the ENDOCAM® Logic HD and 4K camera platforms*, making it ideal for both new and existing customers as it expands the application and visualization capabilities of Richard Wolf’s OR platform.

ICG/NIR fluorescence imaging has become a valuable technology in the field of minimally invasive surgery for applications including:

  • Intraoperative assessment of visceral perfusion
  • Visualization of biliary structures in fluorescence cholangiography
  • Fluorescence imaging and visualization of the lymphatic system, including lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes

System green features a sophisticated design that has been optimized down to the smallest detail, thus providing excellent image quality and ease of use – all in one efficient, versatile and top-class system.

*ICG/NIR functionality is accessible on ENDOCAM Logic camera controllers (5525106 and 5525301) with software version 2.0.9 or higher.




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