Everything from a single source - as a full-service provider in the field of endoscopy, Richard Wolf offers a sustainable range of innovative instruments and system solutions for minimally invasive procedures. All instruments are developed in close cooperation with scientists and health professions. They are perfectly compatible with one another and can be used for multiple disciplines. The top notch workmanship ensures exceptional durability in operating theaters and keep your investment secure. Our customised financing concepts enable you to remain flexible and avoid investment backlogs. Find out about our special services now.

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We set new benchmarks, not only in proven technologies, we follow the latest medical trends and develop innovative instruments and system solutions for numerous disciplines. All instruments are optimally harmonized with one another, ergonomically-designed and intuitive. This ease of use helps achieve optimum results and facilitates procedures in the operating theatre. Read on and see for yourself the benefits of our products in your field or find out more about our interdisciplinary solutions.

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All instruments and system solutions from Richard Wolf are extremely easy to use. Guaranteed quality and superb handling go a long way to achieving smooth procedures in the operating theatre. Our instruments are very easy to assemble and disassemble. They can also be combined to suit users' particular requirements and applications, contain mutually compatible components and are highly versatile. The optimally harmonized instruments offer intuitive guidance for integration and use in operating theatres. Read on about our interdisciplinary solutions or find out which instrument set Richard Wolf offers in your particular field.

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Richard Wolf is a full-range supplier of endoscopic products. Thanks to their excellent material quality and perfected technology, these instruments and devices offer years of impeccable use and are practically maintenance free. The well-established devices are set apart by longevity and simple and intuitive handling.Should a defect occur, the Richard Wolf Service Team will be on hand to take care of the problem. Our trained technicians ensure a prompt repair or replacement, keeping downtime to the absolute minimum. If you have any questions, our Service Team will be pleased to help.

Comprehensive Service & Advice

Richard Wolf offers a full range of technically-perfected system solutions for minimally invasive procedures. Our integrated operating theatre solutions can be networked into the hospital's existing IT system with ease. Guaranteed data security is also straightforward. Our Service Team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Speed and reliability are paramount in our comprehensive range of services. Find out now about core nova, our integrated operating theatre system, or submit a service enquiry.

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Thanks to the quality material workmanship, all Richard Wolf solutions are extremely durable and compatible with all standard reprocessing methods. Their ease of use is evident not only in the operating theatre, but also in the sterile product department. All instruments can be quickly disassembled for cleaning and disinfection in a few simple steps and are very easy to reprocess. During the autoclaving process, even sensitive products such as reusable laser fibers prove to be very solid and stable thanks to their high quality. This permits prolonged use over numerous sterilization cycles. Some Richard Wolf instruments can even be sterilized when assembled. Find out more about instrument reprocessing.

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Originally designed for medical purposes, endoscopy has also made its way into other areas of technology. Components, machines, and entire plants are examined for quality and status. Boroscopes quickly provide high-resolution images from inaccessible spaces. Richard Wolf has gone one step further and has transferred the principle of minimally invasive medical intervention to the industrial sector: Using blending scopes the compressor blades of aerospace turbines and power generation turbines are repaired in situ without complex dismantling. Within a few hours the turbines are again ready for flight or can generate power again – with immense savings of maintenance and downtime costs. Learn more.

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Welcome to the world of progress

From small beginnings in 1906 as a small family enterprise in Berlin, Richard Wolf has grown to become an international organisation through a network of 18 branches and 130 distributors.

We made it our business to identify and promote new medical trends. We collaborate with health professionals and scientists to develop functional and first class products and system solutions. In close cooperation with our customers, we then turn the ideas into innovative and user-friendly solutions.


Every medical development needs courageous and creative heads that help make it a success. We face up to this challenge true to our "spirit of excellence" guiding principle.

Over 1700 highly-qualified employees work every day with great personnel commitment and technical expertise to turn the vision of perfect insights and patient-friendly interventions into reality. Wherever the focus is on people, sustainability and interdisciplinary developments thrive beyond the borders of individual disciplines. 



Urology - Experience creates innovation

Urology has influenced advancements in minimally invasive surgery like no other discipline. In just a short space of time, this has resulted in numerous new surgical techniques for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia, urolithiasis and urothelial carcinoma.

As a pioneer in endoscopy, Richard Wolf collaborates closely with the world's leading experts in urology to promote medical progress and improve patient well-being. Richard Wolf transforms trends in endourology into new, innovative products. Richard Wolf is a full-range provider in the field of urology with a comprehensive product portfolio.

Visceral surgery – Everything under control

Richard Wolf works with scientists and health professionals all over the world to continuously improve the potentials of endoscopic techniques. Especially in visceral surgery, the trend towards minimally invasive procedures has already advanced to become the standard in certain areas. Richard Wolf instruments offer user-friendly concepts for all laparoscopic interventions in minimally invasive surgery – from the fundoplication to the cholecystectomy.

Gynecology – Life needs certainty

The miniaturization of instruments, which is setting new benchmarks in patient safety and user-centricity, is considered a milestone in gynecological endoscopic procedures. The innovative instrument set from Richard Wolf minimizes negative outcomes for patients and reduces risks during interventions. Diagnostic hysteroscopy is able to simply and quickly detect intrauterine pathologies, and conditions such as myomas or polyps can be treated by operative hysteroscopy. Within gynecological laparoscopy, Richard Wolf offers instrument sets for various endoscopic therapy options such as myoma enucleation, hysterectomy (TLH, LASH) or the treatment of endometriosis.

Orthopedics – Keep moving

Accident surgery and sports medicine are becoming increasingly important aspects of orthopedics. The rise in physical activity leads to undue stress and overload of the locomotor system. The result is an increasing level of disease and trauma of the knee and other joints. Patients have very high expectations for a full recovery of the joint function, as well as a fast convalescence and early return to work and sport. Richard Wolf instruments provide the best possible support for surgery, especially during complex, arthroscopic interventions, and make a substantial contribution towards minimizing the risk of complication and post-operative trauma.

Pneumology / thorax surgery – Breathe easily

Today, minimally invasive procedures are considered a significantly more patient-friendly alternative to conventional thorax surgery that involves opening up the rib cage by sternotomy. Convalescence is also much shorter. In many cases, the bronchia and lungs can be diagnosed and treated without any, or with substantially reduced intervention, by means of bronchoscopy through the respiratory tracts. Besides flexible bronchoscopy, Richard Wolf is also focusing on developing its instruments for rigid bronchoscopy, as this offers advantages especially for the removal of foreign bodies or tumor tissue from the main bronchus. Richard Wolf also offers a comprehensive product range for endoscopic thoracic surgery.

Spinal surgery – Our goal is minimal invasion

The combination of percutaneous intervention and high-resolution imaging allows innovative endoscopic procedures with less negative outcomes for the patient and the fastest possible convalescence. For degenerative diseases of the spine and their typical indications, slipped disk or spinal stenosis, these methods involving minimal operation trauma are becoming the established standard in modern spinal surgery.

Proctology – Deep insights

Proctorectoscopy is one of the oldest endoscopic procedures. Richard Wolf has set itself the challenge of making the sensitive subject of proctorectoscopy and the treatment of anorectal diseases as pleasant as possible for both patient and physician. The natural intervention point through the anal canal allows minimally invasive procedures, which include the sclerosing or ligation of hemorrhoids and the removal of abscesses, fistulas or carcinomas.

Pediatrics – Optimal results through synergy

Diagnosing and treating childhood diseases is a particular challenge for the medical world. The pathologies and anatomies of young people, children and above all newborns are very different to those of adults. Minimally invasive procedures, which are much kinder than open surgery on small patients, are in great demand. Richard Wolf is therefore focusing on the miniaturization of new endoscopic instruments for pediatric care, which can be used to treat newborns.

Shock wave therapy – Focus on health

Shock wave therapy can be used for the non-invasive or minimally-invasive treatment of numerous diseases. This technique is especially beneficial for orthopedics, sports medicine, visceral surgery and urology. It was developed originally for fragmenting kidney stones or gallstones (percutaneous nephrolitholapaxy PCNL, intracorporal lithotripsy ISWL). Today, extracorporeal shock wave therapy permits both lithotripsy (ESWL) and also the treatment of pain and inflammation in the locomotor system (ESWT). This includes therapy for calcifications with Tendinitis calcarea or calcaneal spurs, and also the treatment of epicondylitis. ESWT can also be used to improve the wound healing process or treat erectile dysfunction.



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