Richard Wolf Academy Prima Vista

Richard Wolf Academy Prima Vista.

Richard Wolf Academy Prima Vista is a training center and communication platform that provides first-class clinical training. Specialists and generalists, lecturers and learners, users and innovators have been training at Academy Prima Vista for more than 15 years.


Today’s diagnostic and surgical procedures require ongoing training so practitioners can stay up to speed with the latest techniques and technological innovations. To meet this need, Academy Prima Vista conducts goal-oriented, CME-accredited courses and workshops for doctors and medical specialists. Academy Prima Vista brings the best and brightest together—a place where ambitious physicians are able to learn from renowned specialists.


Academy Prima Vista offers:


Under the guidance of leading specialists, attendees are able to practice basic to advanced surgical techniques through hands-on exercises involving models and specimens.


Live surgeries.

Both on-site and via our cutting-edge multimedia technologies, we host live surgeries and other clinical events with key opinion leaders around the world.


Blended learning.

Through a combination of e-learning and face-to-face programming, we are advancing surgical training and making knowledge transfer as efficient as possible.

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Brenda Felts
Clinical Services Manager