Solutions for minimally invasive medicine.

Exemplifying the spirit of excellence in endoscopic imaging, OR integration, and device reprocessing.

In endoscopy, image quality is paramount. The ability to clearly identify delicate structures, under even the most difficult conditions, can have a significant impact on the outcome of a procedure. Richard Wolf’s office and OR camera systems combine brilliant optics and user-friendly interfaces to meet the visualization needs of a wide range of specialties. We are transforming the digital imaging landscape through intuitive, software-based platforms.


Today’s advanced medical technologies and clinical techniques demand state-of-the-art operating rooms with smarter configurations. The solution:  core nova. Richard Wolf’s fully network-based integrated OR system helps optimize workflows through centralized device control and intuitive media management. With core nova, multiple devices can be controlled from one central touchscreen and signals can be routed from several connected sources. Scalable and configurable to a facility’s existing IT infrastructure, this multifunctional platform is a cost-effective way to enter the integrated OR space. 

Richard Wolf is committed to reprocessing excellence. Proper cleaning and sterilization is critical to a device’s functionality and longevity, and more importantly, to ensuring patient safety. Our reusable technologies are manufactured with durable materials and, in many cases, are designed with components that can be easily disassembled for reprocessing. We also offer a full line of cutting-edge reprocessing solutions: scope protectors, cleaning brushes, customized reprocessing trays, and more.

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