Feel the power

The energy source for all arthroscopic surgeries

ARTro HF surgery generator

Equipped with bipolar working modes up to 250 W ablation and 200 W cauterization power in a operating frequency of 333 kHz the compact generator is the heart of the new arthroscopic electrode system.

The generator has a universal connection socket for both FirePen and BiVac electrodes, among others be connected.

Controlled via the console's integrated touch panel, individual profiles can be created, desired effects selected as well as the power output in both operating modes.

The change in power output is also possible with an activated electrode. The integrated telescope protection avoids flashovers on your valuable telescopes.



Simple operation - maximum control

The power output of the generator can be adjusted using the function keys on the electrode handles, when they are integrated.

Of course ablation and cauterizations can also be controlled via the wired foot switch.

After connection of a new electrode or handle the system changes independently via the instrument recognition in the stored pre-set to guarantee a optimal ablation result.

Furthermore the console controls the automatic optics protection, which prevents flashovers.

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Electrode systems

FirePen Electrodes

For use in the modern arthroscopic operating room, the FirePen electrodes stand for uncompromising performance and safe handling at the same time.

Diverse possibilities - designed for the requirements of arthroscopy:

  • Complete all-in-one handpiece for single use with connection cable and suction tubing
  • Smart developed non blocking geometries of the tips, avoid blockages in the suction hose
  • Innovative felxible electrode tips for use in anatomically demanding compartments
  • Easy change from cutting to coagulation profile via the two ergonomically placed buttons in the handpiece
  • Rapid removal of the vaporized tissue with less in joint heat development at the same time thorugh connection to the active suction fo the Fluid Control Arthro 2204


Arthroscopic electrode system for safe handling while maintaining maximum cost-effectiveness at the same time.

Modular electrode system - individually adaptable to your surgery:

  • Reprocessable handpiece up to 300 times which can be connected to various single use electrode tips
  • Three ergonomically designed handpieces (handle with switch, standard handpiece and filigree handpiece)
  • Four versions of each handpiece with an integrated plug for direct connection to your existing system: ERBE, KLS Martin, WOLF 2260 or generators with international 2-pin sockets

Technical Data


  • Modern control mechanisms in combination with pre-sets for the FirePen and BiVac electrode series with optimized voltage and power output ensure the best conditions for good results in different indications.

Power regulation:

  • The output power can be gradually adjusted for both ablation and coagulation while the electrode is activated.

Telescope protection:

  • A continuous control mechanism detects a drop in voltage as the electrode approaches the tip of the telescope and shuts off the power output of the generator.

Comfortable usability by foot switch and hand control:

  • The electrode can be activated in the usual way using the two color-coded buttons on the handle and the optionally available foot switch. The user remains independent of the surgical staff.

User friedliness:

  • RFID recognition and the preset parameters offer a simple plug-and-play connection and quick use of the electrodes with the device.

Adapter for connecting to your existing device:

  • For connecting the standard 6-pin connection of FirePen and BiVac to devices from the manufacturers Arthrocare, Mitek and generators with international 2-pin sockets.
Electrosurgical Unit ARTro100-610
Art der Steurelemente an der GehäusefrontTouchpanel
Ausgangsleistungmax. Schneideleistung250 W (bipolar)
max. Koagulationsleistung200 W (bipolar)
Leckströme NF und HFgemäß DIN EN 60601-1 und DIN EN 60601-2-2
Signalpegel40-88 dBA
Betriebsbedingungen10°C-40°C bei 30-75% relativer Luftfeuchtigkeit
Lager- und Transportbedingungen-20°C-50°C bei 10-90% relativer Luftfeuchtigkeit
Netzanschluss + Frequenz220-240 V ± 10% 50/60 Hz oder 110-120 V ± 10% 50/60 Hz
Nennleistungsaufnahme 1350 VA
Sicherung2 x T8 A / 250 V (220-240V unit)
Regulatorische Standards

Schutzklasse nach EN / IEC 60601-1;

(UL 2601-1 / CAS C22.2 No. 601.1 - für USA)

Elektromagnetische VerträglichkeitEN/IEC 60601-1-2
Richtlinie über Medizinprodukte 93/42/EWGlib

Schutzgrad gegen Eindringen von Flüssigkeit 

(DIN EN/IEC 60529)

Schutzgrad gegen Eindringen von festen StoffenIP2X
Betriebsart (Einschaltdauer ED)Intermittierend INT 10s / 30s entsprechend 25% ED
Schutz gegen elektrischen SchlagCF
Schutzgrad bei Anwendung in Gegenwart von brennbaren Gemischen

Gerät ist nicht explosionsgeschützt 

(Gerät nicht in zündfähiger Atmosphäre betreiben)

Abmessung und Gewichte
Gewicht 7 kg
Abmessungen (B x H x T)38,5 cm x 14,1 cm x 30,5 cm


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