German Brand Award 2019 Gold & Winner

At the German Brand Award 2019, Richard Wolf received two awards in the category “Excellent Brands”. Richard Wolf was awarded “Gold” in the category “Excellent Brands – Health & Pharmaceuticals” and “Winner” in the category “Excellent Brands – Digital Brand of the Year”.

The German Brand Award recognizes a modern, successful market launch in Germany. It is awarded by the German Brand Institute, initiated by the German Design Council and the brand consultancy GMK Markenberatung. The German Brand Institute identifies, presents and awards excellent brands and brand makers. The panel is made up of high-ranking experts from brand economy and brand science. 

The aim of the initiators is to boost the significance of the brand as a key success factor for companies in the national and international competitive environment. The foundation grants the German Brand Award as a unique prize in recognition of professional brand competence and quality in the Product and Corporate Brand category.

On June 6, 2019, representatives of the company received the prestigious prize at a celebratory gala.

“Excellent brand work and, at the same time, a big, important step in strategic corporate communication,” was the jury's statement.

Christian Obermeier - Director of Global Marketing Communication and the Prima Vista Academy

“We are particularly pleased about the award as “Digital Brand of the Year”, because we have put a lot of effort into the area of digitization at Richard Wolf. The company's focus has been on expanding ways to digitally address customers, interested parties, and sales partners."

Richard Wolf receives "Global Market Leader 2018" award

Richard Wolf GmbH was awarded the title of “Global Market Leader 2018” in the segment “Products for Endoscopy and Endoscopic Imaging”.

For Richard Wolf, the last few years have been primarily shaped by the expansion of its global activities and the founding of new subsidiaries. For the globally active company, it is particularly important to found new subsidiaries in order to have a local presence in the most important markets. In recent years, the company has also undergone significant transformation in the field of communication. The Richard Wolf brand’s new position on the market has already had a positive effect on existing and potential customers’ perceptions. Over time, the brand has become a central building block of strategic company communications and has delivered a demonstrably positive impact on return on investment.

Right from the start, Richard Wolf has built up core skills and extensive experience over many years in endoscopic products and systems that are designed for a wide variety of disciplines in human medicine. The company has already brought to market several innovative camera systems for endoscopic imaging in the past. The most recent addition to this is the ENDOCAM Logic 4K, which features ultra-advanced technology and full 4K resolution. The high-resolution imaging allows operators to identify even smaller and more delicate structures extremely clearly. The wealth of detail creates a visual impression that is so vivid, it provides the operator with a spatial orientation and a depth effect that are better than ever before.

In future, Richard Wolf will continue to focus on developing innovative and pioneering endoscopy products.


Interview Jürgen Steinbeck
Co-CEO Richard Wolf GmbH

“We are very proud of the fact that we were recently named the winner of a Digital Champion award in the German medical technology sector – now we have received another very special award: 'Global Market Leader 2018' awarded by the German magazine WirtschaftsWoche.”

Interview Prof. Dr. Christoph Müller
UEC University Entrepreneurship Corporation gGmbH and HBM Entrepreneurs School, University of St.Gallen

“The Global Market Leader Index aims to shine a light on German world market leaders in a transparent and objective way. For this purpose, the former Secretary of Commerce, Dr. Walter Döring, and Prof. Reinhold Würth have joined forces to research this topic.”

Digital Champion Sector Winner 2018

The medical technology company Richard Wolf, as part of the renowned `Deutschland-Test´ carried out by the well-known magazine "Focus Money," was announced as the sector winner by a large margin, and may now bear the seal of "Digital Champion". What was found to be particularly striking was the strong general level of digitalization in the company and the high digital competence of its workforce. 

The overall judgment: Richard Wolf has undertaken the challenges of digitalization more actively than any other company in the German medical technology market.

Within the medical technology industry, Richard Wolf, with 100 points, won first place and was named "Digital Champion" of the industry. Richard Wolf was evaluated as being particularly good in communication with customers and stakeholders. Over the last few years, the company's focus has been on expanding ways to digitally address customers, interested parties, and sales partners. In the re-launch of the new website and app, in addition to modern design, emphasis was placed on user-friendly operation, optimized presentation for various end devices, and discoverability in search engines. By creating an account on the Richard Wolf website and the app, prospective and existing customers and sales partners can gain access to extra content. Users can then benefit from adapted content tailored specifically to the relevant target group, as well as practical functions such as creating a wish list and sending download packages. In registering, the user also has the opportunity to sign up for the Richard Wolf newsletter as well as the e-learning tool.

Press Release

Interview Jürgen Steinbeck
Co-CEO Richard Wolf GmbH

„The `Deutschland-Test´ by Focus Money and the award they have bestowed on us confirms that we have embraced the challenges of digitization and, to be precise, have tackled them more actively than other company in the German medical technology sector.“

Interview Prof. Dr. Henning Vöpel
CEO of Hamburg Institute of International Economics

„It was important to us to map all aspects of digitalization in our research. We weren´t just interested in whether specific technical processes are now being converted from analog to digital. Instead, we are concerned with cultural changes in companies.“


Richard Wolf GmbH has won the GERMAN MEDICAL AWARD in the category “Medical Communication Award”. On 25 November 2017, the gala presentation of the award was held at the Sheraton Grand Hotel Esplanade in Berlin with guests from medicine, business and government. Instrument maker Richard Wolf was privileged to be present at the ceremony to accept the award.

Richard Wolf received the accolade of the “Medical Communication Award” for the company’s brand strategy. 

The medicine and management prize – GERMAN MEDICAL AWARD is bestowed on innovative physicians, medical practices, hospitals and research projects, companies and organizations, which are committed to sustainable improvement of quality in medical provision for patients. The award is intended to highlight commitment to the principles of medical ethics and maintenance of the highest standards of quality. This is the second time that the German Medical Club e.V. – development association for medicine and management – has conferred the prestigious GERMAN MEDICAL AWARD in Berlin.


International Business Awards 2017 Winner

Richard Wolf continued to showcase the spirit of excellence by winning top honours at the Hong Kong Business International Business Awards 2017. On July 25, Richard Wolf Greater China was honoured at the official presentation ceremony at the Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong.

Organised by Hong Kong Business, the International Business Awards is the first awards to highlight the achievements and best practices of international enterprises in the areas including contributions to Hong Kong and China economies, market development, product development and innovation. In addition to these areas, Richard Wolf’s ENDOCAM Flex HD has won the Health Products & Services Awards.

German Brand Award 2017 Winner

Richard Wolf was awarded the German Brand Award 2017 in the category “Industry Excellence in Branding” for the brand strategy of the Richard Wolf organization.

The German Brand Award celebrates modern, successful brand management in Germany. Established by the German Brand Institute and German Design Council and bestowed by a top-class jury of experts in brand economy and brand science, the German Brand Award is designed to showcase outstanding brands and brand builders.

M&K AWARD 2017 Winner

core nova, Richard Wolf’s innovative OR integration solution was awarded first place in the “IT and Communication” category of the Management & Hospital AWARD 2017.

In the fall of 2016, two Richard Wolf products – ENDOCAM Flex HD, a small and compact camera solution, and core nova – were nominated by the jury as finalists in two different categories. The nominating jury is made up of representatives from the German Federation of Health (bvitg), the Federation of German Interior Design Architects (BDIA), the German Society for Hospital Hygiene (DGKH), the Specialist Association for Biomedical Technology (fbmt), and Heidelberg University Hospital. From October to November 2016, readers and online visitors had the opportunity to cast their votes in support of their favorite product.

The OR integration solution core nova from Richard Wolf was selected for first place in Category B “IT and Communication”. 


New media publisher, Huber Verlag für Neue Medien GmbH, awards the INDUSTRY PRIZE to advanced industrial products that offer notable economic, social, technological, and environmental benefits. The expert jury awarded the accolade BEST OF 2017 to Richard Wolf’s ENDOCAM Logic 4K camera.

Made up of industry sector experts, professors, and trade journalists, the jury ensures maximum objectivity and relevance within the industrial sector.

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