Richard Wolf’s passion for high-performance medical technology has its roots in the company's history. Due to the unique requirements of the industry, demand for qualified professionals to support medical development is increasing. In response to that, Richard Wolf has opened the Richard Wolf Academy Prima Vista in Beijing.

The Academy is a world-class professional training institution that focuses on knowledge transfer. It provides high quality and recognised training programmes for authorised distributors and medical specialists in the Greater China region to pursue professional product knowledge and skills needed to drive medical operation success.




By opening the Richard Wolf Academy Prima Vista in the Greater China region, Richard Wolf aims to further strengthen service capabilities and make phenomenal contributions to the local medical development via regular cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary and cross-organisational workshops.

Together with the office in Hong Kong and Service Centre in Shanghai, the Richard Wolf Academy Prima Vista in Beijing is a strong testament of Richard Wolf’s commitment to create a better, cohesive and reliable service network in the Greater China region.

Richard Wolf Academy China

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