Surgical techniques in gynecology

In hysteroscopy, diagnostic hysteroscopy can be used to show intrauterine pathologies and conditions such as polyps, myomas or hypermenorrhoea and can be treated by surgical hysteroscopy.

Within the broad range of gynecological laparoscopy interventions, diagnostic and operative procedures on the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes can be treated by minimally invasive operations.

Richard Wolf have worked closely with leading gynecologists to develop advanced instrument sets and system solutions for hysteroscopy and laparoscopy in specific applications. A top priority here has been to make a contribution to the further reduction of potential risks.

The benefits of these minimally invasive operations include significantly less pain and much less trauma for patients. They are associated with a reduction in post-operative complaints so that many interventions today can be performed in an out-patient setting or during a brief hospital stay.

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