Flexible sensor endoscopes for ENDOCAM® Logic 4K

Simply visionary.

With the launch of MAMBA vision, Richard Wolf offers the endourologist a single source for three flexible sensor endoscopes designed for a wide variety of applications in conjunction with the new ENDOCAM Logic 4K camera platform. 

All three flexible sensor endoscopes can be combined with the ENDOCAM Logic 4K controller to provide a high-resolution image for detecting details in the tissue through the special imaging mode (SIM) and facilitate tissue differentiation.

The vision family: flexible sensor endoscopes.

BOA vision Single-Channel Flexible Sensor Ureteroscope

The multifaceted instrument for all-around application.

COBRA vision Dual-Channel Flexible Sensor Ureteroscope

Optimizing stone therapy.

MAMBA vision Flexible Sensor Cystoscope

Ultimate flexibility meets sensor technology.

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