ERAGONmodular Laparoscopic Instrument System

Modular instrumentation for laparoscopic, multidisciplinary use.

The ERAGONmodular raises the standard of quality and versatility in laparoscopic hand instrumentation. With hundreds of possible instrument combinations, this system can assist in a wide range of surgical applications, while providing precision, reliability, and intuitive handling.

ERAGONmodular instrument sheaths are protected with a high-quality layer of Halar® insulation, which is less likely to sustain damage compared to shrink tubing insulation. This coating also provides a more reliable bond with the metal sheath and enhanced protection when using monopolar HF current. The simple “click-it” lock technology enables easy assembly and disassembly of the instrument.

ERAGONmodular offers a variety of options for users to create their ideal laparoscopic instrument set, allowing users to customize a tray to their preferences, while reducing costs, and minimizing total instrumentation needed. 

ERAGONmodular Laparoscopic Instrument System

Individualize Your Laparoscopic Toolbox

Key Features

  • Modular, 3-piece design with “click-it” lock technology facilitates ease of assembly, disassembly, and more thorough reprocessing.
  • Comprehensive selection of jaw patterns available for a wide range of surgical applications.
  • Validated for sterilization while assembled or disassembled.
  • Halar® coated instrument sheath provides increased durability and service life as compared to shrink-wrap sheath insulation.

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