Versatility in a new design.

Combining high performance and versatility for optimum laparoscopic results.

The INSUFFLATOR Highflow 45 offers two models—BASIC and EVAC—both with a large maximum flow capacity of 45 L/min., intuitive menu navigation, and a large 6.5-in. color touch screen that is easy to view. The flow rate and pressure are adjustable to the requirements of the procedure, and custom profiles (including individualized settings and languages) can be programmed for a specific surgeon or surgical specialty.


In concert with an ULPA filter, the INSUFFLATOR Highflow 45 EVAC has the ability to safely capture and filter surgical smoke and potentially hazardous by-products produced by electrosurgery. With a tap of the foot pedal or the touch screen display, the EVAC model provides continuous smoke extraction, while maintaining pneumoperitoneum.

  • Two hardware versions:

    • BASIC

    • EVAC with smoke-evacuation functio

Also, consider our Passive Smoke Evacuation Filter—A Simple Low Cost Alternative to Active Smoke Evacuation. 


Features at a glance

  • Two models available: BASIC and EVAC with smoke evacuation.
  • Continuous display of pressure, flow, and gas consumption on main surgical monitor (when used in conjunction with the ENDOCAM Logic family of camera systems).
  • Profiles are preset for standard laparoscopy, gynecology, and urology procedures and can also be programmed for individual surgeons or surgical specialties.

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