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Richard Wolf GmbH is taking image quality in endoscopy to a whole new level with sophisticated technology for pin sharp 4K resolution. The precisely coordinated system components guarantee realistic image reproduction. At the same time, the system is energy-efficient, ergonomic and compact. Intelligent processing algorithms, referred to as Special Imaging Modes (SIM), allow structures that are difficult to discern to be rendered more clearly.

4K means a resolution of at least 3840 x 2160 pixels, four times that of the existing HD standard. To get this pixel power on the road, Richard Wolf is effectively pooling its areas of expertise: telescope, light, signal processing and the latest production technology are merging to create a solution from a single source.

Trailer ENDOCAM Logic 4K

The turnkey system at a glance

The platform and its components

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ENDOCAM Logic 4K in Action

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