Light Cable

Remarkable quality.

Light transmission is paramount to any surgical procedure—even when using the best endoscope. Richard Wolf has a well-established history of manufacturing high-quality, long-lasting fiber light cables that deliver excellent results.

Richard Wolf’s fusion fiber light cable is engineered to transmit more light, making it an ideal solution for a wide range of endoscopic procedures and a perfect complement to our high-power LED light sources. Our proprietary fusion technology provides high-temperature resistance and reduces the space between individual light fibers, allowing our cable to transmit approximately 20% more light than standard light cables.1

1Source: Laboratory measurements, Richard Wolf Medical Instruments Corporation.

Features at a glance

  • Manufactured in Germany with high-quality fiberglass materials.

  • Steel coil for added durability.

  • Proprietary "snap-on" connector ensures an effortless, secure connection between endoscope and light cable.

  • Color coding system facilitates easier identification and accurate matching of endoscopes and light cables.

  • Adapters for compatibility with other manufacturers’ light sources and endoscopes (sold separately).

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