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Real-time fluorescence imaging with the ENDOCAM Logic 4K platform

System green from Richard Wolf is an excellent visualization of visceral perfusion solution for real-time ICG/NIR fluorescence imaging which meets the highest standards of endoscopic imaging.

ICG/NIR fluorescence imaging has become one of the most valuable technologies in the field of minimally invasive surgery for applications including intraoperative assessment of visceral perfusion (e.g., enteroanastomosis), visualization of biliary structures in fluorescence cholangiography, or lymph node mapping in oncological procedures (e.g. visualization of the sentinel lymph nodes in case of lymphadenectomy).


Simultaneous ICG/NIR and white light endoscopy with crystal-clear image quality

White light

System green enables standard white light endoscopy with high-resolution image quality at any time. The system can therefore be used without limitations even in white light mode.


In greenICG mode, the conventional white light endoscopic image is simultaneously combined with the ICG/NIR image information in real time at the touch of a button. This allows the tissue to be differentiated with a high level of detail and contrast with the usual outstanding image quality.

greenICG pure

The greenICG pure mode enables specific, high-contrast visualization as well as differentiation of tissue structures, e.g., in the case of lymph nodes and the lymphatic channels. The grayscale visualization enables detailed examination of the key structures.

The absorption spectrum of ICG (indocyanine green) is located in the near-infrared range (NIR). Basically ICG absorbs the light in the range of 600 nm to 900 nm and emits the fluorescence between 800 nm up to 850 nm. Thus, it is possible to detect the fluorescence intraoperatively and to visualize with System green.

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