Princess Resectoscope

The slender design minimizes dilation effort.

The thin, 7 mm outer diameter of the Princess Resectoscope reduces resistance upon insertion and decreases dilation effort. The result is less trauma to the cervical canal, making this resectoscope ideal for a stenotic cervical canal, as well as patients undergoing fertility and sterility treatment.

The versatile Princess can be used for both bipolar and monopolar applications and uses the PANOVIEW ULTRA telescope, which features a 12° direction of view and comes in a fixed or rotatable model. The rotatable design has a double sheath system that lets the working element rotate 360° without causing the outer sheath to rotate along the cervical canal, increasing your freedom of movement. The option of an alternative inner and outer sheath allows you to expand the instrument to 8 mm for use with a larger loop, when desired. The 7 mm and 8 mm rotatable design options further increase resection capabilities.

This comfortable and easy to handle instrument is adaptable to a wide range of electrodes, including the new bipolar “BIVAP” vaporization electrode. The geometry of the electrode surface means the high-energy plasma can be used in concentrated form for fast and effective tissue vaporization, with minimal loss of blood. It is ideal for endometrium ablation and treatment of myomas.


Features at a glance.

  • Hybrid technology for monopolar and bipolar applications with the same basic instrument.
  • Slim 7 mm/21 Fr. resectoscope with continuous irrigation.
  • Option to expand to 8 mm.
  • Fixed or rotatable options.
  • E-line quick-action lock.
  • Pairs with 2.7 mm PANOVIEW telescope, featuring a 12° direction of view.

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