5 Fr. BipoTrode™ Bipolar Electrode

Precise dissection and coagulation in the office and the OR.

The reusable 5 Fr. BipoTrode is ideal for dissection, preparation, and coagulation in hysteroscopy and laparoscopy. This slender, reusable bipolar electrode is compatible with conventional hysteroscopes with a 5 Fr. working channel. Providing strength and flexibility, BipoTrode is adaptable to both straight and angled working channels. The slim outer diameter and semi-flexible design allow for expanded treatment options and easy integration with your existing equipment. The small distal tip allows you greater access to regions that a standard resection loop or roller ball may not be able to reach, such as a uterine septum.

Features at a glance

  • Adaptable to common hysteroscopes with a 5 Fr. working channel.
  • Semi-flexible, stainless steel shaft makes it ideal for use with both curved and straight working channels.
  • Bipolar capability works with virtually any existing bipolar generator.
  • Robust and ergonomic handle.
  • Reusable and autoclavable design lowers the cost of ownership compared to disposable models.


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