ERAGONbipolar biopsy forceps

Safety meets precision

During interventional procedures in the bronchial system, bleeding often occurs that must be stopped quickly.

This is where the ERAGONbipolar biopsy forceps offer important advantages. The double-action jaw allows larger quantities of tissue sampling in perfect cutting quality, and potential bleeding can also be controlled by HF coagulation. In closed status the spoon jaw functions like a coagulation electrode.

Due to the bipolar design a neutral electrode is not necessary.


The ERAGONbipolar forceps for sample excision are ideal for combination with the  TEXAS bronchoscope system.

  • Bipolar work in the bronchial system
  • Large, double-action spoon jaw
  • Sheath rotates 360°
  • 3-piece modular structure – can be disassembled for reprocessing

Bipolar forceps for biopsy excision in rigid bronchoscopy

During interventional procedures heavy bleeding often occurs and this requires quick action and a skilled hand to control it.

Consequently we have developed a biopsy forceps that is characterized by its large, double-action spoon. With this instrument high-frequency hemostasis can be achieved, even when ablating tissue.

The bipolar design, which does not require a neutral electrode, offers an additional advantage.

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