Compact Hysteroscopes 3.8 mm / 5 mm

Slim design compactly packed

The Compact Hysteroscopes feature a narrow outer diameter of just 3.8 mm / 5 mm. Yet they offer flexibility for a large-lumen, straight working channel of 5 Fr., allowing a broad range of instruments to be used.

Separate inflow and outflow channels ensure continuous irrigation. Optimal visibility is guaranteed, even in difficult situations and when auxiliary instruments are inserted.

The Compact Hysteroscopes are set apart by excellent handling, easier preparation, durability, brilliant images and a genuine continuous irrigation function.

The advantages at a glance

  • Compact and ergonomic instrument with atraumatic instrument tip
  • Outer diameter of 3.8 mm / 5 mm
  • 30° / 20° PANOVIEW PLUS telescope
  • Straight 5 Fr. Working channel for the use of auxiliary instruments
  • Continuous irrigation through separate inflow and outflow channels for optimal visibility

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