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The PiezoWave2T – Combining optimum quality with a new control structure

The PiezoWave2T offers market-leading innovations to create even more variability and reliability for users.
“T” stands for the high-resolution touchscreen. Together with the brand new high-voltage generator, it provides the basis for new performance data and new T(iming) frequency modes.
Prepare to be amazed by the possibilities opened up by the “Dual View” control concept, the stable shockwave frequencies of up to 12 hertz, and much more.

Extracorporeal shockwave therapy – A success story in regenerative medicine

Bundles of high-energy acoustic waves target various depths inside the body, eliciting a cascade of cellular and molecular responses in a process known as mechanotransduction.

Unique in medical technology, the mechanical energy of the shockwaves is converted into biochemical signals in the diseased target tissue. ESWT is able to repair pathologically altered tissue, achieve regeneration, and lead to complete self-healing.

Backed by more than 30 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of the piezo shockwave, the PiezoWave2T by Richard Wolf GmbH is a product that is setting a new benchmark in the field of ESWT.

ESWT in the field of urology

Linear focusing piezo shockwave for the treatment of vascular erectile dysfunction. This procedure was developed under the name LSTC-ED (Linear Shockwave Tissue Coverage – Erectile Dysfunction).

Shockwaves have shown excellent results in the treatment of vascular erectile dysfunction (ED). A functional improvement was demonstrated 6 months after treatment and proves the long-term effect of LSTC-ED treatment.


ESWT in wound treatment

Compared to conventional, point-focused shockwaves, with the linear focusing shockwave in wound healing therapy, a much more homogeneous and effective application is made possible.

The system at a glance

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