Laparoscopic single-channel varicocele dissection (LEVD)

New technique in pediatric surgery

Laparoscopic single-channel varicocele dissection (LEVD) is a new procedure in pediatric surgery. The "scarless" method combined with reduction of surgical trauma is performed as an outpatient operation.

In contrast to the previous standard laparoscopic procedure in the 3-trocar technique, the surgeon only uses one access (single-port technique) with the LEVD, through which the surgical laparoscope, and, thus in-turn, the instruments can be introduced.

A key element of the new surgical technique is the mini surgical laparoscope with an integrated 3.5 mm working channel. Like all classic surgical laparoscopes, the mini surgical telescope has a viewing direction of 0 degrees. This is a prerequisite for use of the auxiliary instruments, which are applied through the integrated working channel, i.e. in the same axis. The perfectly matched surgical set is completed by 3.5 mm instrument set in monopolar and bipolar design.

Special bipolar forceps

The new bipolar jaw insert was specially designed in accordance with the concepts of PD Dr. Bühligen. The distal offset allows reliable gripping of the structure to be coagulated and prevents the vessel from sliding out of the jaw. The surgeon can reliably provide a sufficient distance to the underlying tissue before the coagulation process starts.

  • Small surgical laparoscope with a diameter of only 5.5 mm      

  • Optimal image quality thanks to 50,000 image pixels

  • Large working channel for 3.5 mm instruments 

  • Ergonomic design

  • The working instruments used can be changed quickly and are always in the optical field of vision

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