core.browser 1.6

core.browser 1.6 is the gate to the modern operating room that does not require a technical room nor a separate server rack – it runs directly on an endoscopic cart to save costs, time and space. Data from hospital networks will be available from the convenience of the mobile endoscopic unit for assignment and revision along with intuitive and easy access to medical device operations. Captured images and videos are fully integrated into the digital workflow.

Overall, core.browser 1.6 is a day-to-day solution that perfectly supports the OR workflow with its clarity and simplicity.

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DICOM Workflow with core nova

1. Registration:

Patient data is entered into hospital's IT system and gets an ID.

2. Scheduling:

OR is scheduled and registered.

3. DICOM Worklist: 

Patient name is displayed on the core.browser worklist and gets selected to start the OR procedure. All images and videos recorded during the procedure get tagged with the ID.

4. Archiving:

OR procedure gets closed. Images and videos are stored inside the digital archive.

5. Call-up:

Images and videos can be called-up at any time again.

Video Interfaces

The Standard for Connections to Displays and additional Video Sources

Do you want to get a live experience of core.browser 1.6 in a demo case?

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