Sensor endoscope repairs

The very best in quality for every repair

As attitudes toward sustainability and resources have evolved over time, Richard Wolf has committed itself to providing repair services for all its flexible fiber and sensor endoscopes.

Richard Wolf can repair and perform maintenance on any of your flexible fiber and sensor endoscopes, and its ISO certification (to DIN EN ISO 13485) ensures that it fulfills all the fundamental legal requirements for performing repair services.

Our repair processes comply with the German Act on Medical Devices and the German Medical Devices Operator Ordinance.

Richard Wolf’s team of technicians receives ongoing training, ensuring that both safety and the highest technical quality standards are maintained at every level. All of our processes are analyzed and subject to complete, legally compliant documentation.


Scope of repair services

To ensure we are providing customers with products that are fit for the future, the new concept for all our flexible sensor endoscopes enables maximum-quality repairs in the following cases:

  • Distal tube

  • Damage to silicone function key

  • Damaged and loose light cable fastener in housing

  • Damaged housing

  • Damaged cable

  • Damage to working channel, laser channel, insertion sheath, and deflection due to sheath replacement

  • Damaged plug

  • Restoring labeling

  • Readjusting deflection


The advantages at a glance

  • Preventive maintenance avoids downtime during critical, highly demanding periods

  • Assurance that core endoscopy activities can continue

  • Improved environmental footprint

  • Reliability and planning capability

  • Liquidity protection

  • Quality assurance


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