SecuFix Uterus Manipulator

Safety in a new light

The development of patient-friendly, minimally invasive hysterectomy techniques and the associated good results now mean that hysterectomy can today be carried out laparoscopically in many cases.

The new SecuFix Uterus Manipulator defines new benchmarks for safety. The atraumatic fixation of the uterus using vacuum aspiration and "Colpotransillumination", i.e. the option of visualizing tissue using distal, annular illumination for the cervical cap are the significant new product features. They are important factors for an optimum surgical result and permit compliance with oncological criteria, e.g. the avoidance of intraperitoneal tumor cell dislocation.

The SecuFix Manipulator has a modular structure made of just three parts: Uterus Manipulator, uterus probe and Colpotransilluminator. The longitudinal scale of the uterus probe means that the probe can be adapted to different cervix lengths with minimum cervical dilatation.

  • Atraumatic and secure fixation of the uterus by vacuum aspiration and transillumination of the tissue in laparoscopic hysterectomy
  • Modular, three-part structure
  • The manipulator and the uterus probe are reusable, the Colpotransilluminator is a sterile, disposable product


Trailer SecuFix

SecuFix in application

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