Endoscopy of the future

State-of-the-art technology and integrative systems – to the highest hygiene standards

In the field of endoscopy, image quality is paramount. The ability to clearly identify delicate structures, under even the most difficult conditions, has a significant impact on the medical procedure. Richard Wolf, a long-established company with over 100 years of experience in the field of medical imaging, rises to this challenge every day. The company's Imaging division offers a broad spectrum of system solutions geared toward modern, interdisciplinary use.

Providing the complex technology required in modern operating rooms while ensuring ease of use for surgeons and medical personnel is one of the key functions of core nova. To this end, the OR integration system provides customized concepts to make OR digitalization a safe investment. This is made possible through tailored planning for OR modification and new-build projects with regard to intuitive video distribution, integrated device operation, and digital documentation. Forward-looking technologies with modular expansion options are combined with existing customer systems to create an efficient solution.

The key to achieving high hygiene standards in instrument provisioning is clean and efficient preparation. Cleaning, disinfection and sterilization methods must be correctly carried out, tools and chemicals applied for their specific purpose – keeping an eye out for signs of wear. Efficient solutions facilitate each step of the procedure and create added economic value.

Precise endoscopy technology is finding its way into more than just the operating theater. The instruments are also used to look inside aircraft engines to identify foreign body damage on the compressor blades in due time. Special endoscopes go even further: instead of time-consuming, expensive dismantling, repair and installation, the blending scope products allow repairs in situ – on the closed engine itself.


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