Urology Reprocessing Trays

Custom protection, ultimate security.

Richard Wolf has answered the reprocessing needs of central processing departments (CPD) and perioperative departments with the customer-driven design of our urology reprocessing trays. We offer a cystoscopy tray and a urology resection tray.

Features at a glance

  • Unparalleled protection for your endoscopes and instrumentation.
  • Rounded tray corners and molded feet to reduce torn wrappers and maintain sterility.
  • Soft silicone scope brackets to prevent endoscope damage.
  • Outline and label guides for each endoscope and instrument bracket to facilitate easy organization and instrument placement.
  • Utility box with silicone mat for small, loose components.
  • Placeholder for light cables and HF cords.
  • Cystoscopy and resection trays are designed for adult devices.

Urology Reprocessing Trays

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Urology Reprocessing Trays
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