We are Richard Wolf

Working to advance endoscopic medicine for more than 100 years.

Richard Wolf GmbH is a global leader in minimally invasive surgery with 16 subsidiaries and 130 distributors meeting the needs of surgeons, medical professionals, and patients with high-quality, precision endoscopic instruments.

Since 1906, we have been dedicated to working with leading medical experts around the world to develop innovative products that enhance surgical results and save lives. The spirit of excellence is the guiding principle for everything we do, from the earliest stages of R&D to the moment one of our instruments is shipped to a facility. We are constantly striving to shape the future of minimally invasive surgery and improve patient outcomes.


Innovators in Endoscopy

Richard Wolf Medical Instruments Corporation is the first and largest subsidiary of Richard Wolf GmbH. Through our careful collaboration with respected surgeons and industry leaders, we have built a portfolio that is as innovative as it is extensive. Used for a wide range of procedures, our endoscopes, hand instruments, and working elements are designed to meet the needs of surgeons and ensure the health of patients. We are focused on positively impacting outcomes through innovations in endoscopy, and our dedication to excellence is reflected across our entire line of products.

Located just north of Chicago in Vernon Hills, Illinois, our US headquarters is home to our manufacturing, assembly, sales, marketing, repair, customer service, and administrative teams, as well as our state-of-the-art biolab and training center, Academy Prima Vista. Our clinical experts and sales representatives service medical facilities across the country.

Corporate philosophy

More than 100 years of experience

Founded in 1906 by Georg Wolf in Berlin, the Wolf Group has drawn on its over 100 years of experience to play a leading role in the development of endoscopy and shockwave therapy. Innovative solutions for human medicine are the result. This integration of science and medicine is what defines the quest for first class products and system solutions. Richard Wolf GmbH has been owned by the Richard and Annemarie Wolf Foundation since 1968.

Richard and Annemarie Wolf Foundation

A global presence

What began as a family business from the headquarters in the German town of Knittlingen has grown to become a company of international relevance with a global presence. We currently have 16 subsidiaries and 130 distributors across the globe, to ensure we are able to fulfill the wishes and needs of physicians, patients, and technicians alike. In addition, further service locations work to meet requirements in particularly strong or emerging markets, due to supply and demand.

Sales & Service network

Multiple award-winners

Richard Wolf had many awards, such as quality, design, innovation, product design, or for our branding and communication strategy, and we continue Richard Wolf GmbH has been honored with awards on multiple occasions.

The core nova and OR integration solution was named as the top product at the M&K AWARD 2017. What's more, Richard Wolf received the Medical Communication Award in recognition of the company's marketing strategy in 2017. At international level, the ENDOCAM® Flex HD endoscopy camera was recognized by the International Business Award.

Putting people at the heart

In every area we are involved in, values such as fairness, respect, team spirit, and trust shape a good working environment in which quality and sustainable entrepreneurial results thrive.

Enjoying the work that we do is an essential factor for success at Richard Wolf. Our employees demonstrate our "spirit of excellence"  with passion and knowledge, and—what's more—with a smile!

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