Proctoscopy and rectoscopy

Proctoscopy and rectoscopy rank among the oldest forms of endoscopy. The anatomical position near the surface of the body is ideal for endoscopic interventions. Diseases of the rectum and anal canal are among the most widespread clinical pictures of today. The incidence and intensity of proctological disorders are primarily defined by modern lifestyle.

The invasive, endoscopic methods of proctoscopy and rectoscopy provide opportunities for diagnosing proctological complaints like hemorrhoids, fissures and tumor diseases. Moreover, proctoscopy is the precise procedure for identifying hemorrhoidal diseases, and treatment with sclerotherapy or rubber-band ligation can also be carried out simultaneously in the course of this examination.   

Precise and clear visualization of the rectal cavity in proctoscopy or rectoscopy is often only possible with selected irrigation and simultaneous suction. Richard Wolf supplies an ideal constellation for a perfect examination and treatment outcome in the form of the "RECTO PUMP" system for suction and irrigation of the rectum combined with the "RectoLution System".

Optimized instrument and device systems from Richard Wolf have been designed to facilitate examination and intervention – a key feature to promote pleasant treatment for medical practitioner and patient alike.