Quality Management at Richard Wolf

Quality is the foundation for our success – “spirit of excellence”

The quality of our products and services forms the platform for ensuring the continuous success and satisfaction of our customers in the marketplace.

We achieve excellent quality and premium product safety through compliance with the regulatory requirements of our target markets and collaboration between all the divisions of the company. This principle is supported by motivated employees with a high level of expertise and a strong awareness of quality.

On this basis, our processes and workflows are being continuously improved. Efficient and effective processes avoid non-conformance costs, secure business development and promote the success of our company.

Quality philosophy

Product quality and product safety
We develop and position high-quality products to meet the needs of the marketplace. This involves using the latest technologies and engaging in knowledge exchange with opinion leaders in focused areas of applications. Our products are engineered on the basis of the latest state of the art and meet the highest requirements for product safety. Systematic analysis of the products in the market over the entire product life cycle enables the weak points to be identified at an early stage and appropriate measures to be introduced.

Customer satisfaction
We ensure customer satisfaction through highly motivated employees, well-developed service strategies, maximum quality for our products and services, and expert advice and support.

Regulatory requirements 
Our objective is to meet the regulatory requirements of our target markets at all times.

Collaboration between the divisions
Interdisciplinary communication is ensured by routine meetings. These meetings are used to take decisions on steering the company in the right direction. When reaching decisions of this nature, it is important to meet the expectations of our customers while simultaneously only taking the business interests of the company into account. These considerations need to be implemented in a well-balanced approach.


A regular needs analysis alongside employee discussions and systematic advanced training ensure a high level of specialist expertise in all areas.

Processes and workflows
Quality is a collaborative effort. A joined-up approach enables us to carry out regular process reviews with the objective of optimizing the effectiveness and efficiency of our process workflows. This in turn forms a building block for the success of our company. Systematic Internal Audits are used to check the effectiveness of our processes and workflows. Transparency, communication and training create quality awareness.

Business development 
Preventive non-conformance management and reduction of waste drive an increase in profitability. Our aim is therefore to prevent faults at an early stage or at least to identify them as quickly as possible. They can then be remedied and further occurrence prevented by continuous improvement of our products and workflows.

Quality management system

The quality management system implemented by Richard Wolf is certified in conformity with DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 13485, alongside EC Directive 93/42/EEC for medical products. As a company operating on the global stage, we also meet the international requirements of our target markets.