Surgical techniques in pneumology / thoracic surgery

For rigid and flexible bronchoscopy Richard Wolf offers versatile instrument systems with the most innovative accessories. Thus the rigid TEXAS bronchoscope system with tubes available from 6 to 14 mm inner diameter and integrated telescope is supplemented with the Hemer Bronchoscope. The integrated sampling channel for measuring the CO2 value is a special feature of the Hemer Bronchoscope. Naturally the Hemer Bronchoscopes are also available in different diameters as tracheoscope or bronchoscope.

Our rigid bronchoscopes are effectively supplemented with innovative instruments such as the TipControl articulated forceps system or the ERAGONbipolar biopsy forceps, which not only have a special ergonomic design but also offer a special level of safety through the possibility of bipolar coagulation (hot biopsy). Not to mention the Endobronchial Shaver Blades and Secretion Remover; here the integrated suction system allows a particularly efficient application. The bipolar suction system rounds out the system and ensures fast hemostasis should the need arise.

Foreign body aspiration is a frequent indication, particularly in the pediatric bronchoscopy. Here Richard Wolf offers an instrument set with appropriate pediatric bronchoscope tubes in different lengths and diameters that can be combined with various optical forceps and endoscopes.

In the area of flexible bronchoscopy Richard Wolf offers state-of-the-art sensor bronchoscopes in diameters 6.2, 5.2, and 2.9 mm, which through their design are optimally predestined for diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

High-quality, spreadable video mediastinoscopes with a wide range of functions are available for mediastinoscopy; these instruments can also be disassembled for reprocessing and thus they satisfy the most rigorous hygienic requirements.

In the area of thoracoscopic surgery an innovative Mini-Thoracoscopy Set is available that is optimally suited for the most minimally invasive diagnostics using the single-port technique. A wide variety of access systems and endoscopes are available for therapeutic thorascopy. Thanks to the incredible product versatility the ERAGONmodular forceps system offers solutions for a wide variety of requirements in an extremely ergonomic design.


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