Spreadable video mediastinoscope

Perfection in detail

With the new, spreadable video mediastinoscope Richard Wolf offers a dismantlable solution for the most rigorous hygiene requirements.

A simple twist of the wrist enables this instrument to be dismantled into its component parts for optimal reprocessing. Complemented by the elegant haptic design and the integrated telescope this mediastinoscope offers optimal prerequisites for the user and for hygiene staff.


The Video Mediastinoscope can be optimally supplemented through combination with bipolar instruments, so that the neutral electrode can be completely dispensed with during application.

The bipolar suction tubes in particular offer unrivalled possibilities when used with the spreadable optical mediastinoscope.


The advantages at a glance

  • Deployment for "Extended Mediastinoscopy", i.e. the space gained through parallel and distal expansion permits improved access to lymph nodes located laterally
  • Permanent optical visualization through the integrated endoscope
  • Suction-irrigation channel for cleaning the telescope during the intervention
  • Height-adjustable (parallel adjustment)
  • Spreadable in a distal direction
  • Can be connected to conventional camera systems
  • A neutral electrode is not necessary for working at high-frequency
  • Completely dismantlable – including the adjustment mechanism
  • Very easy to handle – optimized adjustment mechanisms through use of precision ball bearings
  • Fully compliant with the latest reprocessing guidelines

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