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Photodynamic diagnostics as a surgical technique in endourology for the early detection of non-muscle invasive bladder carcinoma (NMIBC) has been in widespread use for many years in order to reduce the risk of progression and relapses in NMIBC.

In developing System blue, a refined PDD system that has been thought out down to the finest detail, Richard Wolf is setting a new benchmark in the detection of bladder carcinoma with Hexvix®. System components optimally harmonized with the photo sensitizer achieve a significantly improved tumor fluorescence and can therefore increase the detection rate.

Smart solution for PDD

White light image

As part of a conventional cystoscopy, early stage bladder carcinomas can easily be overlooked due to their flat growth or their small circumference.


bluePDD SIM mode

In bluePDD mode, tumorous tissue is displayed in fluorescent red. The rest of the bladder wall appears bright and highly-contrasted, and this permits an outstanding overview.

bluePDD Color Contrast SIM mode

In blue PDD Color Contrast mode, the tumor fluoresces in vivid magenta.

A comparison between absorption spectra xenon technology and ENDOLIGHT LED blue shows that the emission band of the ENDOLIGHT LED blue LED light source is optimally harmonized with the primary absorption band of Hexvix® (PPIX). The result is a much stronger tumor fluorescence.

The platform and its components

PDD with System blue step-by-step

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