Bipolar enucleation electrode

The therapy of benign prostate enlargement is steadily developing in the direction of transurethral endoscopic enucleation. Richard Wolf has developed a special electrode to meet the different requirements of bipolar enucleation.

The advantages of the Bipolar Enucleation Electrode at a glance

  1. The atraumatic "SHARK tip" stretches the prostate tissue
  2. Proximal supply line wires with high mechanical stability for a good overview of the surgical site
  3. Suitable for a variety of applications: enucleation, coagulation, and vaporization
  4. Small electrode head for precise work
  5. Distal wedge-shaped electrode head allows blunt mechanical enucleation
  6. Donut-shaped electrode surface enables effective vaporization and coagulation with minimal loss of blood

Ideal for blunt nucleation

Cost-effective in the system: In combination with the PIRANHA Morcellator and the SHARK resectoscopes, the electrode provides an economical system solution with many advantages. 


The cost-effective system solution

Richard Wolf products in use

Bipolar enucleation


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