Applications and methods in reprocessing

A crucial component of the development process is to ensure that medical devices can be reprocessed with ease. Applicable standards, guidelines, and laws must therefore be observed and applied on the one hand, on the other hand the materials used must be able to withstand common reprocessing procedures.

To ensure that processed devices are in perfect condition and to optimize handling in reprocessing (CSSD), as well as in surgery, Richard Wolf offers sophisticated storage systems and the corresponding accessories for reprocessing. Particularly where the automated reprocessing of telescopes is concerned, systems are required that ensure comprehensive protection against mechanical damage and that therefore do not limit the service life of these sensitive medical devices.



Professional reprocessing of Richard Wolf instruments and endoscopes requires extensive expertise on the part of the nursing staff. The increasing requirements in handling as well as the reprocessing of medical devices require an expert level of training in accordance with the applicable legislation and standards.



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