The server-based software platform for data management

The requirements on patient security are constantly increasing. Safety and protection of data are quite rightly a top priority for patients and users.

already meets the increasing requirements with an integrated safety concept.

  • Unique identification and authentication of all network participants based on digital certificates
  • Integration of existing user directories
  • Authorizations and access controls on devices and in applications
  • Continuous monitoring of the availability of all network participants and other status information in case of loss
  • Complete control through OR personnel

An advanced core nova operating room can be set up with a low initial investment. The system can be continuously upgraded at any time through the link-up and safe plug-and-play procedure without the need for complex configurations.

Any combination of hardware and software modules can be connected to the network. The total cost of ownership of the system is exceptionally low.

  • Low space footprint and reduced power consumption with few hardware components and efficient modules

  • Virtual server core.portal as the only interface to the hospital systems

  • Secure, centralized administration and update management

  • Provision of new functions mostly via apps

  • Reduction of downtimes via Richard Wolf remote maintenance service

  • Integration in existing monitoring systems


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