Minimally invasive diagnostics and therapy in human medicine

Innovative solutions for endoscopy

Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) has revolutionized operating theater procedures like hardly any other technique. This has been a core competence of Richard Wolf for more than a hundred years. In close collaboration with science and medicine, Richard Wolf is perfecting the development of first-class endoscopic products and offering system solutions for multi-disciplinary acquisitions from a single source.

Endoscopic procedures (laparoscopy) once limited to the abdomen have extended to other areas and are widely regarded as standard. Due to the minimum skin or tissue injury, patients experience little trauma. The procedure has low mortality and complication rates and is cosmetically appealing.


Richard Wolf is constantly developing and refining rigid and flexible endoscopes and instruments for quick, gentle treatments, and to reduce the burden on the surgeon performing the operation. Ensuring that a broad range of therapeutic and diagnostic treatments can be given at the highest level.

Today, it's not possible to imagine urology without modern resectoscopy and laser treatments or the high-tech systems for abdominal and thorax surgery. Richard Wolf also offers innovative instruments for both proctology and gynecology. Arthroscopic systems for orthopedics and spinal surgery are achieving new dimensions.

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