The compact media management platform

is the extremely compact media management platform for the modern operating room. Its strength lies in an unusual performance spectrum with quite manageable device dimensions – suitable for a ceiling supply unit or a mobile endoscopic trolley. This eliminates the need for a separate technical room.

distributes the video signals from connected image sources – for example from an endoscopy or lighting camera and existing H.264 video streams – to the monitors available in the operating room, and within the hospital network.

controls the storage of image and video information in the hospital systems or on mobile USB data media. All recorded data can be forwarded via the core nova network to a wide range of different hospital systems.

is the new perspective for efficient media management service components, such as

  • Transfer of patient data through established communication standards such as HL7 or DICOM
  • Image distribution from multiple video sources to four surgical monitors at maximum as well as streaming within the hospital network. Possibility for PiP and Quad-Split.
  • Live preview of connected video sources  
  • Option of documentation for all integrated image sources up to a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels 

  • Simultaneous recording of two video inputs up to 1080p

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