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The tissue fragments accumulating during a myoma resection float in the dilation medium and obstruct visibility in the cavum. The risk of perforation increases as the procedure continues!

The resection procedure has to be continuously interrupted for the necessary removal of the resected tissue. This significantly prolongs the surgery times and can lead to what is known as the "TUR syndrome". Furthermore, the repeated insertion of the resectoscope after every curettage poses the risk of perforation!

Richard Wolf squared up to this challenge by developing the RESECTION MASTER system.

This hybrid solution from conventional resection and instantaneous suction of the tissue fragments combines the advantages of both sectors in one system, and this sets us apart from the competition.

With short pulses, the resection tissue is automatically aspirated without delay and this guarantees a continuous overview throughout the procedure. There are no repeated interruptions to remove the tissue fragments.

This results in considerably improved patient safety and a faster and simpler procedure for the surgeon.


Conventional resection




The advantages at a glance

The RESECTION MASTER is the unique resectoscopy system with automatic fragment aspiration for a permanent overview.

The RESECTION MASTER resectoscope

  • Large separate working channel for instantaneous aspiration of even larger tissue fragments
  • Unobstructed and clear view of the operation site
  • 9 mm / 27 Fr. outer sheath with distally rounded isolation for atraumatic insertion and reduced resistance to insertion
  • Hybrid technology combines conventional resection and instantaneous aspiration of the tissue in one system
  • Suitable for both monopolar and bipolar applications without having to change the working element
  • E-line sheath quick-release system for simple and quick locking of sheath and working element
  • Range of electrodes for different applications



  • Special, effective high-performance pump
  • Extremely fast suction pulse with three individual settings
  • Separate collecting container, tissue fragments and secretions automatically separated
  • Step-by-step menu guidance for quick and simple set-up



The system at a glance

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