PiezoLith 3000Plus

Focusing on multimodal stone management

Today urological stone management comprises a variety of procedures in which extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy has established itself as a central treatment. 

In addition to the treatment of kidney, ureter, and bladder stones, the PiezoLith 3000plus also offers the possibility of orthopedic and gastroenterological applications.

The combination with endourological interventions imposes special demands on a multimodal ESWL workstation for stone therapy. The innovative, modular, and mobile PiezoLith 3000Plus concept, with its groundbreaking operating philosophy, meets these requirements in special measure. The automatic patient positioning of the PiezoLith 3000Plus, combined with unique features, such as piezoelectric double-surface technology, triple focus and dual simultaneous real-time localization, are the basis of the new generation of ESWL devices.

  • Innovative, worldwide-unique, computer-aided & software-aided in-image-navigation with ultrasound and x-ray localization

  • Ultrasound and live x-ray image display

  • Multi-panel-capable and remote control

  • Outpatient, anesthesia-free and sedation-free treatments

  • New, multifunction treatment table – easily adaptable through "plug & play"

  • Treatment table usable for lithotripsy and urology mode

  • Live x-ray transparent CFRP areas for ESWL and endourology applications


The system at a glance

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