Stent loading system

Fold, load, place - simply practical

Easy handling of the new stent loading system is just one of the advantages of this system. With this instrument set, silicone stents of different sizes can be folded effortlessly to load them without great expenditure of force into the rigid tacheoskope.

The optimal combination is offered by the use with the "TEXAS" optical tracheo-bronchoscope and the new tracheo-bronchoscope tubes with a working length of 300 mm, specially designed for interventional procedures.

Through the graduated markings applied over the entire sheath length easy length measurement of the stenting constriction or tissue generation is provided. This enables the user to define the correct stent length.

Because the telescope is directly integrated in the TEXAS tracheo-bronchoscope the system now offers the unique capability of placing all types of Dumon and silicone stents under visual control.

The new stent loading system is available in two different sizes. Small Y-stents or tracheal and bronchial stents up to size 15, with or without nubs, can be effortlessly folded in the smaller system to be loaded into the 14 mm tracheoscope tube. The large version of the new system is available for silicone stents starting at size 15.

The advantages at a glance

  • New, innovative stent loading system for tracheal bronchoscopy
  • Available in two different sizes
  • For all makes of silicone and Dumon bronchial, tracheal, and Y-stents
  • Easy, logical folding and loading of the stents
  • For use with the TEXAS and Hemer tracheoscopes
  • Placement of the stents under visual control (TEXAS tracheoscope)
  • Fatigue-free and ergonomic work

Load and place silicon stents under visual control

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