The Future is Logic

An innovative turnkey system with intelligent LED light course, efficient ligh cables, brilliant monitors and a multitude camera heads - ENDOCAM Logic HD is also part of core nova, the integration solution from Richard Wolf.


The advantages at a glance

Dialog function 
The dialog function of ENDOCAM Logic HD permits automatic control of the light source through the camera. Users no longer have to implement any settings.


ENDOCAM Logic HD has a large number of easily selectable application profiles that have been tested in clinical operation. This means that the new system is compatible with any situation in the operating theater. Menu-driven navigation is very easy. Surgeon and technicians are also able to specify a large number of settings themselves and define individual profiles.

It's all in the head
Pendulum camera head "PENDUAL": The multiple award winning pendulum housing can be converted into a straight camera head simply by twisting (e.g. for rigid URS).


Integrated documentation
ENDOCAM Logic HD can record videos in full HD on a USB flash drive. Still-image memory, print function and patient-data input are also integrated.

Special Imaging Modes (SIM)

In addition to the standard naturalistic white image rendering, 6 different digital algorithms - Special Imaging Modes - are optionally available to the user. In certain situations, these algorithms can improve tissue differentiation. The preset SIM is switched on and off simply by pressing the camera head button.


In homogenous images areas that make a differentiated diagnosis difficult, 3 different modes with contrast enhancement and targeted false color rendering for distinct structures.


Thanks to special structure enhancers, flat and blurred image content is vividly rendered with special structure enhancers true to the original color shades.

HDR – High Dynamic Range

Dark image areas are brightened and very light, overexposed areas are made darker.

Subject to modifications. Please note that some products may not be available in all countries. Please always take note of the information that is provided with the product. For more detailed information, please consult with your contact partner or directly with Richard Wolf GmbH.

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