Punches in a League of Their Own

The latest generation of the established ARTHROline punches has been redesigned to optimize reprocessing and therefore meets the most stringent of hygiene requirements.

Thanks to a special mechanism, the push control rod can be opened up for reprocessing. This ensures that the punch is completely rinsed from all sides and all residues are safely removed.



During cleaning, the push control rod is kept open using spring force - offering an effective and efficient solution.

Furthermore, no sacrifices have been made in terms of quality or performance: The high-quality dovetail joint of the jaw sections continues to ensure perfect punching results, even over a long period of time.




The premium segment for the highest standards

  • Perfectly even cut guaranteed by smart designed jaw part geometries
  • High-quality dovetail joint allows the punch to be operated with little effort
  • Fatigue-free work even when resecting larger tissue sections thanks to the ergonomically designed handle shape
  • Mechanics that can be easily dismantled for optimized processing

There is no such thing as one perfect arthroscopy punch

That is why our ARTHROline punches are available in a wide range of variants with different jaw section shapes, as well as with sheaths and jaw sections which are either curved upward or downward.

A common mantra in meniscus surgery is "As little as possible, as much as necessary". To meet this requirement, it is important to have the right insturments at hand depending on the location of the lesion. 

Regardless of whether the lesion is located on the posterior horn, lateral oder medial meniscus, or anterior or posterior meniscus, ARTHROline offers the right solution to ensure perfect access each and every time. 

Take a look for yourself!

Subject to modifications. Please note that some products may not be available in all countries. Please always take note of the information that is provided with the product. For more detailed information, please consult with your contact partner or directly with Richard Wolf GmbH.

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