Basket system

The universal solution

The universal basket system from Richard Wolf safely holds and protects valuable instruments while sterilization, storage, and transportation.

This exemplary system combines functionality with flexibility and safety. The standard sizes of the basket system can be fitted with sterile packaging or can also be sterilized in sterilization containers, such as those provided by Martin, Aesculap, or Wagner, for example.

The patented double frame prevents the basket mesh from becoming frayed and hence causing injury to the user or damage to the sterilization packaging. This double frame therefore ensures maximum safety and a long service life, while also providing minimum contact surface because of the special design of the silicone holders. Top-heavy instruments are securely fixed with an open and a closed silicone holder. In addition, silicone stop plates can also prevent instruments with very small diameters from slipping inadvertently. The set can be configured in almost any arrangement thanks to the silicone holders which are easy to exchange.



The advantages at a glance

  • Minimum contact surface – the steam has unlimited contact to all surfaces
  • Flexible holders for customized set configurations
  • Extensive accessories
  • Stackable
  • Increased safety during sterilization, storage, and transport

Functionality, flexibility, and safety

Subject to modifications. Please note that some products may not be available in all countries. Please always take note of the information that is provided with the product. For more detailed information, please consult with your contact partner or directly with Richard Wolf GmbH.

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