Battery-powered tools bee-system II

for all orthopaedic indications and large bone surgery

The system consists of battery-operated drive units with a range of attachments and accessories for drilling, reaming and bolting operations, for mounting of pins and wires, as well as for cutting of bones or hard tissues in general traumatic and endoprosthetic surgery.


Machine variants overview

Power Pack

1 Powerpack for all 5 machines

The heart oft he systsem:

  • 1 Powerpack for all handpieces
  • lncludes control unit, battery, electronics and motor – all united in one Powerpack
  • Automatie recognition of the performance parameters according to the used handpiece
  • Unique durability, no need to sterilize delicate components
  • Latest battery technology - long lifetime no memory effect
  • Display for battery charging status: green, orange, red (discharged)
  • White LEDs for additional illumination of the OR field

The advantages at a glance

  • 5 verschiedene Gehäusevarianten verfügbar
  • rein mechanische Gehäuse ohne Elektronik zur einfachen Aufbereitung
  • gleiches Powerpack für alle Maschinen
  • Powerpack beinhaltet die komplette Elektronik 
  • Innovative Li-Ion-Technologie
  • Ergonomisches Design
  • Umfangreiches Zubehör
  • Made in Germany

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