Return Material Authorization (RMA) number

You have a defective product from Richard Wolf and you need to return it to us for repair.
The Return Material Authorization (RMA) number ensures that this article is returned in a structured process combined with fast handling and processing of your repairs. The focus is on ensuring that you have the product available again within as quickly as possible.

How do you get your RMA number?
An internet connection, email address or fax number, and a printer are required for registration.

Sending in defective goods
Please fill out our RMA form completely.

You will need your customer number, email address or fax number, as well as the product number, and the serial or batch number of the products which are to be sent in for repair.

It is important to ensure that the product number is entered without special characters. After the data you provide has been checked, you will receive the return note from us with all the shipping information by email or fax. If further information is required or additional instructions, you will be contacted by email or fax. The product must be returned only to the address specified in the return note.

RMA online form