Disinfection is only intended to reduce the amount of microbes while sterilization has to ensure freedom from microbes capable of reproduction including the elimination of spores. Sterility has to be achieved in the minimally invasive area by moist heat (steam sterilization) or by low-temperature procedures with formaldehyde, ethylene oxide or with hydrogen peroxide with and without plasma support.

Sterilization container with outer packaging
Richard Wolf supplies a comprehensive range of basket systems for sterilization procedures using plasma, ethylene oxide and formaldehyde. The various containers can be individually configured for the relevant specialist areas.
The basket systems in standard sizes can be provided with a sterile packaging. Alternatively, they can also be sterilized in a sterilization container, such as Martin, Aesculap, Wagner.

Sterilization container without outer packaging
Richard Wolf presents the Sterisafe DURO A3 as a sterilization container for flexible endoscopes which does not require outer packaging. The stackable containers are also ideal for plasma, ethylene oxide and LTFA sterilization procedures.
Another version of the container is supplied with the Sterisafe DURO A3 Set Universal and can be used for steam sterilization of rigid instruments.