Manual disinfection is mainly carried out chemically with different active substances. It is important to ensure that the exposure time, concentration and material compatibility with the medical devices is complied with.

The disinfection procedure in machine reprocessing is performed after the cleaning stage and can be carried out in a chemical, chemical/thermal or thermal process depending on the medical device and procedure.
The instruction manual is a key prerequisite for ensuring that a medical device can be reprocessed and it is important for these instructions always to be observed.

Manual disinfection
You must comply with the exposure time of the disinfectant manufacturer and should not exceed this. Richard Wolf supplies the RIWO Box container system for wet decontamination, and disinfection as a safe and complete system for reprocessing contaminated instruments. Simple and practical handling through practical design guarantees safe and smooth-running operations in instrument reprocessing. The containers are supplied in different sizes.

Machine reprocessing
Cleaning and disinfection must always be carried out using cleaning-disinfector units dedicated to cleaning and disinfection of endoscopic instruments in conformity with the international standard ISO 15883.

A number of criteria must be observed:

  • All instruments must be safely fixed to the inserts or baskets of the unit
  • The reprocessing medium must be able to reach all the inside and outside surfaces
  • Use special reprocessing baskets for telescopes
  • Instruments with channels / hollow bodies must be adapted to special inserts with rinsing devices or directly to the luer-lock adapters of the unit – for optimum flushing
  • Remove stopcocks or place non-removable stopcocks in flow position
  • Open the jaw sections of the hand instruments / forceps

If no sterilization is carried out after disinfection, the final rinsing should be performed with deionized water. The channels of fiberscopes can be flushed through with 70% alcohol (hygroscopic effect as a result of rapid evaporation) before drying for an improved drying effect before having air blown through – use a sterile cloth for drying on the outside.