A distinction is drawn between manual cleaning and machine cleaning.
The appropriate brushes play a key role for the mechanical aspect of manual cleaning.
In the case of machine cleaning, thermal disinfection is carried out, particularly with medical devices that can be steam sterilized. It is essential that telescopes are placed securely in the washer-disinfector unit. Appropriate items of equipment, such as telescope reprocessing baskets are required for this.

The instruction manual is a key prerequisite for ensuring that a medical device can be reprocessed and it is important for these instructions always to be observed.

If possible, instruments should be cleaned immediately after they have been used, with water and boosting additives (cleaners).
If instruments

  • have been left in a dry state for a long period of time, significant residues can dry on the instrument and solidify so that they are difficult to remove
  • have been left in liquids for a long time, they may be damaged. There is a danger that the seals of the instruments become damaged or lose their function

Richard Wolf supplies the RIWO Box container system for wet decontamination, disinfection, and neutralization as a safe and complete system for reprocessing contaminated instruments.
Simple and efficient handling through practical design guarantees safe and smooth-running operations in instrument reprocessing. The containers are supplied in different sizes.